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Wedding Album Designs

Here are some of the albums we designed in the past.

Click on the thumbnail to see the album pages.

Indian Wedding at the Opera House, Los Gatos

In this album layout design, we made use of subtle scrapbook ornaments to add a touch of a classic heirloom design.

Sonali and Romy’s Traditional Indian wedding, was a solemn Sikh ceremony, followed by a festive bollywood party.

Both ceremony and reception were held in the Opera House at Los Gatos, CA.

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Here is one of the  versions of their wedding album. This one is a 12 x 12 with 30 custom design pages (15 spreads).

Holbrook Palmer Park Wedding – Nadja + John

Wedding venue: Holbrook-Palmer Park, 150 Watkins Ave., Atherton CA 94041

Nadja and John setup an appointment for a studio photo shoot with Marc, after exchanging emails about studio engagement session. They arrived at the studio dressed up in their sports wear with tennis rackets – both are accomplished tennis players. Marc greeted them upon arrival, and started the photo shoot. After 3 shots, Marc’s battery was drained. He opened his camera bag to get the spare batteries. but his batteries were not there . Marc froze – and he remembered that last night he changed his camera bag into a new bag and he forgot to place the batteries into the new bag. Embarrassed, he didnt know how to tell the clients that he forgot his spare batteries and will have to go home 10 mins away to get them. Thinking quickly, he remembered thru their email exchanges that John is into sports photography. He bravely asked John, “By any chance, did you bring your camera?”  With strike of luck, John did have his camera. Marc laughed with relief as he explained the situation.

The studio photo shoot was a success. Nadja and John expressed their interest to consider This is it Photography for their wedding. They booked us under the condition that batteries are included :). Phoebe said she’ll definitely triple check all the batteries for their wedding day :)…. Here are a few of their wedding photos… Congrats Nadja and John!!! Hope you invite us to one of your tennis competitions someday.

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Livermore Wedding at Ravenswood Historic Site

Todd is an accomplished photographer based in Nevada, and when he and Christy booked us for their wedding, Phoebe and I were doubly thrilled as this would be the first wedding we’re covering for a fellow photographer. We are so pleased that they appreciate our works 🙂 And the next minute on the other hand, we thought, whoa, this means higher expectations since usually photographers have distinct taste for art. We first met Todd & Christy on their wedding day itself, they booked us over the internet/phone/mail and haven’t seen each other personally yet. Todd’s a real nice guy and totally trusted us with their wedding, he’s very friendly, cool and open to any of our ideas. He let us do what we wanted to do. Christy is as relaxed as a bride should be, and her face is just blooming with happiness. Together, Todd & Christy, are just so in-love with each other and that’s showing in the pictures.

When we arrived at the hotel room where Christy is getting ready. I found she had a People’s magazine lying around with a fitting coverpage title, “The Greatest Weddings”, and I found some photos of her and Todd, and I put the pictures on top of the cover. I added their wedding rings to the mix, and I thought this photo would make a great beginning for the slideshow. Here it is. Click on this slideshow to view highlights of their wedding. (note: slideshow takes about a minute to load)

We received an email from Christy, saying she loves the photos so much and she couldn’t be happier. Christy & Todd, thanks a lot, it’s a joy to work with you two, wishing you all the happiness in married life.

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Ceremony and Reception at Ravenswood Historic Site, Livermore.
Pleasse also visit their Livermore Wedding album

Walnut Creek Wedding at Round Hill Country Club of Jihyun and Lloyd

Ceremony: Saint Matthew’s Lutheran Church 399 Wiget Lane Walnut Creek, CA 94598. Reception: Round Hill Country Club 3169 Round Hill Road Alamo, CA 94507.
It was one rainy night when Jihyun stumbled on our website, she had been searching for a photographer, and then out of nowhere in the internet she found us. 🙂 Google Adsense does work. 🙂 Jihyun and Lloyd are a stylish (and yes, sexy!) couple and so easy to be around with. She’s a doctor and he’s a lawyer, and so much in love with each other. We had a great time working with them. Thanks guys for choosing us! Below are some of the photos… and here’s a link to their wedding slideshow.