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Glamorous at 40

You wouldn’t believe how old this mom, wife, and nurse who works night shifts for the past decade. When L.A. turned forty, she booked me to photograph this milestone year. (Folks, I have permission from L.A. to put her age in the blog.) L.A says, “I just turned 40 and never felt so great!” There are things that we people always want to do but never get the chance to do it. For LA, she always have wanted a glamor/fashion photoshoot, and she finally had the time to do it. I am honored that I photographed her. When the pictures came out it was great, she loves it. When Phoebe and I were processing the photos, Phoebe just had to ask LA her beauty secret because her skin just looks so fresh. LA says, “I didn’t pay close attention to my skin and face until I turned 35! My bestfriend told me then, we owe it to ourselves to look beautiful and feel empowered! Since then, I made a conscious decision to fight the signs of aging…like I load myself with foods that are high in antioxidants and I drink lots of green tea everyday. I also learned the importance of sunscreen and now I use Revale`skin products for my face.” Here are some of the photos and quick slideshow. Make up artist is Rose Tomas



>Phoebe and I get our inspirations from almost any thing – animate and inanimate. We are also inspired by magazines, especially movies(!) and joining photography competitions worldwide. Last June 19, 1 hour before the deadline of Wedding & Portrait Photographers International ( WPPI ) 2009 First Half competition, we submitted few entries in different categories. Today, July 1st, 2009 WPPI informed us that Phoebe’s entry in Glamour Category won 2nd Place and my entry in High School Senior Portrait category won 1st Place. Four of my entries also got Accolade of Excellence. What a blessing! We’re inspired even more.. 🙂

1st Place – Sisters – Portrait/High School Senior category

2nd Place – Masquerade – Portrait/Glamour category

Accolade of Excelence – Quintessential – Advertising/Fashion category
Quintessential by Qscents Philippines

Accolade of Excelence – Window – Portrait/Glamour category
Model: Jaja Bolivarof TFC’s Adobo Nation

Accolade of Excelence – Lauren – Portrait/High School Senior category

Accolade of Excelence – Blindfold – Portrait/Individual category

>Photoshoot with Roger

When Roger booked me for a portrait session, he said he liked the texture and quality of the men’s portraits I posted on our website and he said he wants that kind of quality and he wants something dark. Before the photoshoot, I requested him to do some push-ups so the muscles would be extra prominent. Sprayed some water on his body for some texture. His body itself is a work of art. All I have to do is to setup the studio lights dramatically to give his muscles more definition, dimension. Result – the shadows that fall on his body is a beauty, the lights and shadows match the strength that he posses. I love my studio lights. The only photo post-processing I do is to set the color tone, and that’s it. When posing, Roger is very confident and comfortable and open to ideas. He can project a certain character, and it was easy to photograph him. Later I learned that he does modelling stints and he’s also an athlete and is flying to Chicago to run in a 26+ mile marathon! Roger told me he’s very pleased with the photos, and he looks forward to work with me again.

>Family Shoot with L.A, Edgar & Ethan


L.A. and Edgar are celebrating their 10th year of marriage, and what a special way to celebrate it, with their 10 year old son Ethan, in a casual family photoshoot with me. To L.A, Edgar and Ethan, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your anniversary. I had a great time with your fun-spritied family and I wish you more happy anniversaries in the future.