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>Photoshoot with Roger

When Roger booked me for a portrait session, he said he liked the texture and quality of the men’s portraits I posted on our website and he said he wants that kind of quality and he wants something dark. Before the photoshoot, I requested him to do some push-ups so the muscles would be extra prominent. Sprayed some water on his body for some texture. His body itself is a work of art. All I have to do is to setup the studio lights dramatically to give his muscles more definition, dimension. Result – the shadows that fall on his body is a beauty, the lights and shadows match the strength that he posses. I love my studio lights. The only photo post-processing I do is to set the color tone, and that’s it. When posing, Roger is very confident and comfortable and open to ideas. He can project a certain character, and it was easy to photograph him. Later I learned that he does modelling stints and he’s also an athlete and is flying to Chicago to run in a 26+ mile marathon! Roger told me he’s very pleased with the photos, and he looks forward to work with me again.

Henna Tattoo – Santa Clara Portrait Photographer


The first time I saw a henna tattoo on someone else’s hand was on Madonna on her MTV for the Ray of Light album. I think her song was “Frozen” or “Ray of Light”, or something else. She had this reddish stain on her hand. It looks interestingly eccentric to me. Some fad, I told myself. It was years later that I learned it’s an ancient art.
Ok, it was only this year, that I learned it’s an ancient art. That was when one of our Indian brides had a henna tattoo session with her girl friends, 3 days before she got married. Traditionally, Indian brides adorn themselves with this ancient body art of applying henna tattoo on arms, feet or any parts of the body. The art ia called Mehendhi. During this session while the henna is applied, the bride and her girl friends gather together and bond for the last time before their dear friend gets married. This is such an amazing girl bonding time! The patterns and details are beautiful as the designs are applied on their skin, and the ladies are having so much fun. This amazing art calls for a glamorous and proper photoshoot. Thus, our studio is providing such service, to capture the ancient mehendhi and girl bonding either at our studio or at your home, in a modern photoshoot worth to be remembered. (Ask us!)

We were thrilled to have Rachna (owner of Henna and Beyond), as our fab henna tattoo artist and wardrobe stylist. Three stunning, gorgeous and fabulous ladies, Anamika, Arezu, and Kristine who modeled their tattoos. Kristine is also our hair and make-up artist who made our models even more striking. Rachna, with expert and steady hands, adds glitters and rhinestones to make the design more exquisite. She applies the henna to any body part, you name where you want to place yours – hands, feet, arms, back, shoulders, bellies, etc. (I had mine on my nape.) When applied, the henna is black and a bit wet. This seem to be the best time to take the photos. Once it dries, it has a tendency to peel off and reveal the reddish brown stain, which is also a good photop op as long as everything is dried, and has darkened on the skin. The stain lasts for more than a couple of days. We all enjoyed the photoshoot. We can’t wait for more of these glam sessions! More photos: