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    Let us first introduce ourselves, we are Marc Aviles and Phoebe Aviles, a husband and wife team who breathe and love the art of photography. Wedding Photography is close to our hearts, and the clients that we work with.

    Our studio, This is it Photography specializes in Weddings and Portraits. Our style is a mix of modern, photojournalism, with a touch of fine art. We believe in creating artistic imagery in capturing the spirit of the event, and the parade of emotions.

    Committing yourself to one person, vowing to be with that person through thick and thin, through sickness and health, richer or poorer. No matter what happens as long as you two are together, you know you can triumph all challenges the future may bring. Your wedding is a celebration of your union. Your family and friends surround you with their love and support. We will be there to document your wedding and to tell your story.

    We want our clients to be very happy with the pictures that we take. Pictures you will treasure in this generation and the next.

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    Looking forward to work with your wedding creatively.

    - Marc and Phoebe
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    Photography studio based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara, California. Serving the greater Bay Area of San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, Napa, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and beyond. We’ve done amazing destination weddings in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Orange County, San Diego and Hawaii and winning multiple awards along the way.

Celebration of Change

President Obama Inaguration – 20 Jan 2009 –
We celebrated this historic moment, with a night of art, live R&B and Reggae, and comedy at Club Avalon in Silicon Valley. The Inaguration party was presented by Robert Warren Enterprises, and hosted by Joey Wells, with celebrity DJ General Lee. Musicians LZ & Ezell, Vacano, and Cali Cuz’nz are bands to watch out for.
To commemorate this event, we setup our studio lights with a backdrop of President Obama’s hand painterd protrait done by Bay Area artist Carlos Rodriguez. Party people who wanted their photos taken with Obama, strike a pose at our booth, and we print their photos on the spot. Here is a glimpse. (Thanks to Morian Walker for inviting us.)

Santa Clara Photography Studio won Awards in WPPI

What a day!

I wake up and I am a year older. My wife is beside me, whispering greetings to my ears, “happy birthday honey” thrice she greets me, but she’s half-awake. I smile. I hug and kiss her and prepare for the day.

I check my emails, and see more greetings from my friends and family. This is an ordinary day, made special, because of the warm thoughts and greetings from my loved ones, long-lost friends, former colleagues, and high school classmates. It’s the thought that counts.

I continue checking my emails. And I was greeted by Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI), not birthday greetings, but congratulations for winning their 2008 2nd Half competition. I won 1st place for Individual Portraits category, 1st place for Landscape category, 2nd place for the Advertising/Fashion category, plus 3 more Accolade of Excellence awards for the Engagement and Bridal category. Wow, what a blessing, and what a special birthday gift. I am so happy and inspired. Overwhelmed!

I thank God for this wonderful day.

1st Place – Individual Portraits category – “Muay Thai fighter”

1st Place – Landscape category – “Golden Gate”

2nd Place – Advertising/Fashion – “CK”

Accolade of Excellence – Engagement – “Somewhere in Time”

Accolade of Excellence – Bride and Groom Together category – “Kiss”

Accolade of Excellence – Landscape – “Mirror Lake”

Livermore Wedding at Ravenswood Historic Site

Todd is an accomplished photographer based in Nevada, and when he and Christy booked us for their wedding, Phoebe and I were doubly thrilled as this would be the first wedding we’re covering for a fellow photographer. We are so pleased that they appreciate our works 🙂 And the next minute on the other hand, we thought, whoa, this means higher expectations since usually photographers have distinct taste for art. We first met Todd & Christy on their wedding day itself, they booked us over the internet/phone/mail and haven’t seen each other personally yet. Todd’s a real nice guy and totally trusted us with their wedding, he’s very friendly, cool and open to any of our ideas. He let us do what we wanted to do. Christy is as relaxed as a bride should be, and her face is just blooming with happiness. Together, Todd & Christy, are just so in-love with each other and that’s showing in the pictures.

When we arrived at the hotel room where Christy is getting ready. I found she had a People’s magazine lying around with a fitting coverpage title, “The Greatest Weddings”, and I found some photos of her and Todd, and I put the pictures on top of the cover. I added their wedding rings to the mix, and I thought this photo would make a great beginning for the slideshow. Here it is. Click on this slideshow to view highlights of their wedding. (note: slideshow takes about a minute to load)

We received an email from Christy, saying she loves the photos so much and she couldn’t be happier. Christy & Todd, thanks a lot, it’s a joy to work with you two, wishing you all the happiness in married life.

Contact us if you are looking for Livermore wedding photographer.

Ceremony and Reception at Ravenswood Historic Site, Livermore.
Pleasse also visit their Livermore Wedding album

>Photoshoot with Roger

When Roger booked me for a portrait session, he said he liked the texture and quality of the men’s portraits I posted on our website and he said he wants that kind of quality and he wants something dark. Before the photoshoot, I requested him to do some push-ups so the muscles would be extra prominent. Sprayed some water on his body for some texture. His body itself is a work of art. All I have to do is to setup the studio lights dramatically to give his muscles more definition, dimension. Result – the shadows that fall on his body is a beauty, the lights and shadows match the strength that he posses. I love my studio lights. The only photo post-processing I do is to set the color tone, and that’s it. When posing, Roger is very confident and comfortable and open to ideas. He can project a certain character, and it was easy to photograph him. Later I learned that he does modelling stints and he’s also an athlete and is flying to Chicago to run in a 26+ mile marathon! Roger told me he’s very pleased with the photos, and he looks forward to work with me again.

>Remembering Michael Hedges

>I was around 10 yrs old (or younger) when I first heard of this amazing guitar music. I was sitting on the stairway in my hometown province in one of the islands in the Philippines, when my uncles played this concert on laser disc. When I heard the music, it overwhelmed me instantly. I never imagined a guitar could be played that way – outrageous! in full abandon and enjoyment, and reckless passion! At ten years old, those words were not in my vocabulary. But I felt it, the music spoke to me. It was an unusual experience. How universal, a music can reach out to a little kid that was me, in the hidden provinces in Asia, and opened the whole world of music imagination to me.
The guitarist, Michael Hedges, was born in Sacramento,CA. He was performing at some cafe at Palo Alto when Will Ackerman (another good musician, I still listen to him) signed him up a recording contract with Windham Hill records. When I was in my teens, my uncles settled in America and when we got the chance to talk they told me we’re all going to watch Michael Hedges in concert when I reach America. Unfortunately I was too late. Michael Hedges died from a car accident in 1997, he was driving home from San Francisco International Airport. He was 43.
Then, I watched the movie August Rush, there was one scene when August’s hands started hammering the guitar, and I told myself, that’s Michael Hedges style! As I am a fan, it was kind of hard for me to accept somebody playing like him in a big movie, therefore I slightly ignored the talent behind the guitar playings (which was Kaki King). Only later I learned from the August Rush soundtrack that it was indeed Micheal Hedges’ song “Ritual Dance” as performed by Kaki King and she did it so much justice.

Remembering Michael Hedges, these are some music clips that I so fondly watched him play for more than 50 times in my childhood years, now available in YouTube.

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