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Palo Alto Engagement Session of Jen + Mark

>palo alto nolas engagement photospalo alto weddings at nolasNola’s at downtown Palo Alto, was where Mark and Jen had their first date, and what could be more perfect venue for their e-photoshoot than Nola’s, an artsy party place bar & resto with red walls, fancy paintings and whimsical artifacts. I can stay there all day shooting…here are some of the photos…
palo alto wedding photographer

this is it photography at palo altoaffordable wedding photographer palo altopalo alto downtown wedding photographer this is it photographyaffordable palo alto wedding photographer

Another casual spot to swing by during first dates is Michael’s Gelato and Cafe.
affordable palo alto photographer photo in michaels gelato and cafe
michaels gelato and cafe photographer photos

It has a 2nd floor patio overlooking University Ave, it’s a nice place to cool down and relax.
palo alto downtown photographer
Bistro 412 was one of the memorable dates for Jen & Mark, and so here we are.
engagement photographer in palo alto
with pretty daughter Gina…
engagement photographer in downtown palo alto
fun photographer photo in palo alto
and of course, a stop by our studio for a few more studio shots. *wink* 🙂
studio photos of jen and mark in santa clara
engagement photo in santa  clara photography studio
Thanks to Jen, Mark, and Gina for a refreshing afternoon photoshoot!

Contact us if you are looking for a wedding photographer in Palo Alto California.

Walnut Creek Traditional Korean Wedding by This is it Photography

Aside from the usual western weddings, we are blessed to have witnessed various traditional weddings as well, such as a traditional Indian wedding, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish, and this time – a traditional Korean wedding! Our bride and groom is Jihyun & Lloyd, another cute couple who we couldn’t stop taking pictures of.

A little note about The Wedding Outfits, quoted from Weddings at Work (W@W) website taken from an article by Shu Shu Costa from the feature entitled: “Rituals of Bliss”

The two dresses worn by the bride were once the costume of the noble class. The simple lime-green wonsam and the more elaborate hwarrot, or “flower robe,” are embroidered with flowers and butterflies. Underneath, she wears the hanbok, the doll-like traditional dress of Korea. On the bride’s head is a black cap studded with gems. On her feet are white socks and embroidered shoes. Her makeup is simple, except for three red circles, yonji konji, the size of nickels. These circles, traditionally made of red peppers, but now often drawn on, are supposed to ward off evil spirits. The groom’s faruotsu is also the dress of the nobility. It is made of dark green damask with auspicious symbols woven in gold. The headdress is the tall black cap of high-ranking officials made of silk.

For their photos, we wanted it to be cinematic in color to match the antiquity of the culture.
traditional korean wedding in walnut creek
bride of walnut creek wedding photographer

bride with traditional korean dress by this is it photography

traditional korean bride photo of walnut creek wedding photographer

korean wedding photographer

groom photo with traditional korean wedding

groom photo of korean wedding in walnut creek
bay area korean wedding photographer

Quoted from Shu Shu Costa (Riturals of Bliss)
The highlight of the ceremony is the sharing of a special white wine called jung jong. Traditionally, this wine was poured into cups made from two halves of a gourd grown by the bride’s mother. The bride and groom sip from their separate cups and then the wine is mixed together, poured once more into the gourd cups and sipped again. This is kunbere, the wedding vow. One ritual often seen at Korean American weddings is the peh beck ceremony. At this ceremony, usually only attended by family and close friends, the new wife offers her new in-laws gifts of dried dates and jujubes, symbols of children. They in turn offer her tea, a subtle but significant gift. At the ceremony’s conclusion, they toss the dates and chestnuts at the bride, and she tries to catch them in her large skirt.


traditional korean wedding in bay area
bay area korean wedding photo
bay area bride in traditional korean wedding
bay area korean wedding
wedding photographer photo in bay area korean wedding
korean wedding ceremony in bay area

Aside from this traditional wedding ceremony, the couple also has a western ceremony which I’ll share with you in the next blog. 🙂

Mexican Wedding at St Anthony’s Church San Jose – Jessica & Carlos

Jessica & Carlos’ Mexican wedding was festive, colorful, and the music at the reception kept us energized the whole night.

Let’s start with the details of their wedding. First their cake, nicely embellished with torquoise and orange, which are the colors used in the wedding.

With utmost care, we displayed the wedding gown right outside the house where our bride is getting ready, and took this photo.

A series of shots of our lovely bride in black and white…

Their classic car, a unique antique 1948 New Yorker, by Pearl White Limo
vintage car wedding photos
bride in vintage car - photographed by this is it photography
classic car just married photo

They got married in St. Anthony’s Church.
wedding at st anthony
The aisle is adorn with orange flowers.
wedding ceremony in st anthonys church
And the father of the bride(right) plays the music during the church ceremony.

While the mother of the bride is teary-eyed (with Grandma beside her)

Reception follows at Cabrito’s Bistro at Sunnyvale,
festive mexican wedding
affordable mexican wedding photographer
this is it photography mexican weddings
traditional mexican wedding photos
(Quick note: some of the photos were resized to smaller file size for faster loading )
To view more of Jessica & Carlos’ wedding, see the slideshow (it takes approximately 30 seconds to load)
Jessica & Carlos, we had a great time at your wedding, and we wish you all the best!
We are so happy to get this email from Jessica!

Hi Mark and Phoebe,
The pictures turned out so beautiful, they’re amazing. When I was looking at the slideshow I got teared eye all over again. Everyone that I’ve showed them to love them.

Jackie & Tosh’s San Francisco Engagement Session

>I have photographed the Golden Gate Bridge for various assignments, one of which is for an in-flight travel magazine cover; on some early mornings I hope to catch the fog right below the bridge, however I never saw it happen yet; and on most cases, I photograph it for engagement sessions.

One of which is Jackie & Tosh’s engagement photoshoot. It was a cloudy afternoon, with the cool SF breeze with overcast sky. Here is one of the pictures, I thought of adding texture to the photo to match the overcast mood.

Since our groom is Japanese, we thought of taking a photo at the Japanese Garden, and here’s my interpretation.

And here’s a classic shot of Jackie & Tosh. I like this photo, because Jackie’s beauty and simplicity is blooming, they look so happy, and I’m very happy with this classic shot.

Jackie & Tosh, thank you so much for a smooth afternoon.

Santana Row Engagement Photography Session

Sharing the photos of engagement session of Jessica & Carlos in Santana Row, San Jose California. The chemistry between you two is very inspiring… and thanks for being so patient with me.

Had a great time processing your photos. Phoebe and I are looking forward for your wedding.

santana row engagement photo

santana row creative engagement session

engagement session photo in santana row


engagement session in santana row

engagement session in santana row