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    Our studio, This is it Photography specializes in Weddings and Portraits. Our style is a mix of modern, photojournalism, with a touch of fine art. We believe in creating artistic imagery in capturing the spirit of the event, and the parade of emotions.

    Committing yourself to one person, vowing to be with that person through thick and thin, through sickness and health, richer or poorer. No matter what happens as long as you two are together, you know you can triumph all challenges the future may bring. Your wedding is a celebration of your union. Your family and friends surround you with their love and support. We will be there to document your wedding and to tell your story.

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    Photography studio based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara, California. Serving the greater Bay Area of San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, Napa, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and beyond. We’ve done amazing destination weddings in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Orange County, San Diego and Hawaii and winning multiple awards along the way.

Santa Clara Portrait Photography – A Photoshoot with the Warrior

I am so honored that Marcel chose to work with us for his portrait session in our  studio at Santa Clara.
First time I saw his picture (prior to meeting), a light bulb turned on in my head. I had this idea of what I want to shoot for him. Marcel is an athlete, model, personal trainer, singer/musician, etc.. he’s loaded with talent plus the good looks (just as good looking as I am, hahaha!!!) He also has a 6-pack abs (I also had those packs long time ago on my previous life *grin*). He’s tall 5’10, and packed with muscles. The concept I had in mind was a fighter/warrior, to which Marcel liked the idea, and so we did it. I am a fan of Muay Thai/street fighter kind of movies, and of course the 300 (Spartan movie). I got to do the Muay Thai concept. And so here are some of the many many good photos we had today.

I brought these manila ropes and tied them around his wrists, bicep, head, waist. The thing is I had to tie it real tight to make it realistic. And Marcel endured the cramps for the sake of the shoot. He’s very easy to work with, and down-to-earth. I later learned that his father is also a Filipino, from the town of Pangasinan where my father is from. No wonder we look alike (hahahaha!! in my dreams!) Props are good, and I had this sword I got from Party City and it looks like this:

It’s been a good day and can’t wait to post-process some more of the photos. I am very open to any ideas our clients might want for a portrait session. Just be very open and let me know what you want and I’ll work on it.

Cancun Destination Wedding at Xcaret, Riviera Maya

Bride and Groom: Venus + Jaime

Wedding Date: April 2011

Resort: Grand Velas Luxury Resorts @Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Wedding Ceremony: St. Francis of Assisi Chapel, Xcaret

Wedding Reception: Xcaret Park – Riviera Maya and Cancun’s top resort

Wedding coordinator: Ana Cruz of Ana Cruz Events, Florida

Xcaret coordinator: Cristel Romero

This was an event that Marc and I will always remember. The bride and groom are so kind to say the least, and their wedding was just beyond belief. After getting married at the chapel, there is short walk going to the cocktails area by the breakwaters. Jaime had a surprise for his bride. Upon queue, the fireworks launched. The newlyweds led the way to the reception area – the path was spiral architecture leading to the cave which has underground rivers which is part of a large cave system that forms deep under the surface of the Yucatan peninsula . On a normal day there are people snorkeling around the underground river. On the wedding day, it was transformed to an enchanting place. Floating candles and lighting accented the waters that surround the cave. (Please click on the thumbnails to enjoy the photos)

I would like to commend the other vendors as well who made Venus & Jaime’s wedding an unbelievable one  – (makeup artist, lighting guys, dj, dancers, videographer, musicians, florist, etc. )  but I don’t have their contact info as of now. I’ll update this post once I get their contacts.

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San Francisco Engagement Session of Leslie + Paul

Another great photoshoot with a wonderful couple – Leslie and Paul. The afternoon started with a rain, and later on subsided. We had dramatic clouds and gloomy sky. I saw this graffitti near Market St. and we shot something grungy. It was raining, and can’t really shoot outdoors, ‘thought of going to a nearby hotel but somehow I didnt find anything interesting in the lobby. Just when we were about to leave, Leslie & Paul saw their friend who was working at the hotel, and he suggested we go to the rooftop restaurant, and was the view amazing! Leslie likes architecture and SF and this was architecture with SF view.
Later, we revisited “The Boulevard” where Paul proposed to Leslie. The couple mentioned to me beforehand they like to have shots at the embarcadero and overlooking the Bay Bridge – their wish is my command, and we have poetic shots in these locations. Here are some of them. To Leslie & Paul, thank you so much for a wonderful photoshoot and for bearing with me.

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How clever are these 2 birds in the sky flying into my frame. They add a good finish to this heartfelt photo.

Somewhere in a parking lot in San Francisco…

You can also see their engagement slideshow