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Santa Clara Portrait Photography – A Photoshoot with the Warrior

I am so honored that Marcel chose to work with us for his portrait session in our  studio at Santa Clara.
First time I saw his picture (prior to meeting), a light bulb turned on in my head. I had this idea of what I want to shoot for him. Marcel is an athlete, model, personal trainer, singer/musician, etc.. he’s loaded with talent plus the good looks (just as good looking as I am, hahaha!!!) He also has a 6-pack abs (I also had those packs long time ago on my previous life *grin*). He’s tall 5’10, and packed with muscles. The concept I had in mind was a fighter/warrior, to which Marcel liked the idea, and so we did it. I am a fan of Muay Thai/street fighter kind of movies, and of course the 300 (Spartan movie). I got to do the Muay Thai concept. And so here are some of the many many good photos we had today.

I brought these manila ropes and tied them around his wrists, bicep, head, waist. The thing is I had to tie it real tight to make it realistic. And Marcel endured the cramps for the sake of the shoot. He’s very easy to work with, and down-to-earth. I later learned that his father is also a Filipino, from the town of Pangasinan where my father is from. No wonder we look alike (hahahaha!! in my dreams!) Props are good, and I had this sword I got from Party City and it looks like this:

It’s been a good day and can’t wait to post-process some more of the photos. I am very open to any ideas our clients might want for a portrait session. Just be very open and let me know what you want and I’ll work on it.

Fadi + Fairuz = Baby Adam

In 2008, we photographed the wedding of Fairuz and Fadi at the Carnelian Room, San Francisco. In 2010, baby boy Adam was born and again my heart melts seeing the happiness of proud parents, I remember the happiness they have on their wedding day years ago. Their love has given birth to bouncing baby boy, and I’m glad I’m the photographer. A wedding photo of Fairuz and Fadi also appeared at an airline magazine where our studio was featured. Fairuz was also so kind to help us in our very first Bridal Faire booth where she talked to other fellow brides and shared her wedding experience. Her friendliness was not only much appreciated by us but also by the brides who were shopping for the right vendor. And here are more photos of their family.