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San Francisco Wedding Album of Kelly and Chris

Photo album of Kelly and Chris’ wedding in the Chapel of Our Lady of San Francisco.

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Marc and Phoebe, husband and wife San Francisco Wedding Photographer โ€“ This is it Photography

Playful Kristy and Danny SF Engagement Photo Session

Kristy and Danny are childhood sweethearts since elementary. To relive those childhood memories, we shoot their engagement session in their school in San Francisco where it all begin. We enjoyed re-creating their fond memories of Danny asking her beeper number(wow! Who would think of that? Only Danny! *grin* ) to borrowing of pencils, exchanging cards games, hello kitty and transformer lunch boxes, sharing apples and playing in the school’s court. Then we continue shooting around Union Square and Embarcadero Area.
It was fun and playful ๐Ÿ™‚

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San Francisco Engagement Session of Leslie + Paul

Another great photoshoot with a wonderful couple – Leslie and Paul. The afternoon started with a rain, and later on subsided. We had dramatic clouds and gloomy sky. I saw this graffitti near Market St. and we shot something grungy. It was raining, and can’t really shoot outdoors, ‘thought of going to a nearby hotel but somehow I didnt find anything interesting in the lobby. Just when we were about to leave, Leslie & Paul saw their friend who was working at the hotel, and he suggested we go to the rooftop restaurant, and was the view amazing! Leslie likes architecture and SF and this was architecture with SF view.
Later, we revisited “The Boulevard” where Paul proposed to Leslie. The couple mentioned to me beforehand they like to have shots at the embarcadero and overlooking the Bay Bridge – their wish is my command, and we have poetic shots in these locations. Here are some of them. To Leslie & Paul, thank you so much for a wonderful photoshoot and for bearing with me.

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How clever are these 2 birds in the sky flying into my frame. They add a good finish to this heartfelt photo.

Somewhere in a parking lot in San Francisco…

You can also see their engagement slideshow

San Francisco Wedding Photography – Cherry Blossoms

During May and Simon’s consultation with us last year, one of the areas we talked about is their engagement session. We asked what they wanted to do for the engagement session, like we often do, we suggested doing a theme that the couple like, or something that they are passionate about. May had an idea, she wants parasols and a cherry blossom photoshoot. And so cherry-blossom it is! They planned for a perfect timing when the cherry blossoms are in bloom at the Japanese Garden @SF. May was dressed in an off-white wedding gown filled with lace reminiscent of Kate Winslet in that movie Sense and Sensibility.(She will wear a different gown on her wedding day.) Simon does photography as a hobby. He conveyed to us what he wants for his photos, and his wish is our command. Hats off to May and Simon’s excitement and energy, it was our pleasure to photograph you. Looking forward to your wedding. Here are some of the photos and watch out for more.

Engagement Photo Session in SF Downtown with Yvone and Daniel

SF downtown is a wonderful place to do engagement photoshoots, urban background, nice architectures, need I say the Golden Gate, one of my favorite subjects. Thanks to Yvonne and Daniel for packing enough energy and charm for this engagement photoshoot. I am happy with the photos we took. The only drawback is I lost Phoebe’s new tripod. See, I bought her a new lightweight tripod for our trip to Yosemite and Death Valley just recently, and she was so in love with the new tripod and couldn’t stop using it for long exposures in bubbling streams, star trails, reflections, etc. I borrowed her tripod for my engagement photoshoot with Yvonne & Daniel, and well, I lost the tripod in Union Square. Goodbye $$. I had a feeling I might get in trouble when I went home to tell her the news, she was sad for a minute and when I showed her my photos, she was wide-eyed smiling again. whew! ๐Ÿ™‚

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engagement photo in San Francisco City Hall

I had my spare tripod in the trunk thank goodness to get this long exposure shot. Yvonne & Daniel had to be still for a few seconds for this shot, and kudos to them they were still as a rock even if the waves splashed. It was also not easy going to this place, so a big thanks to you guys!
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engagement photo in embarcadero wedding photographer